Process Framework

It is our commitment to building website technologies that helps us to remain on top of the ever-evolving web technologies. This is because of the sophisticated process framework we adopt for every website development.

Our six-stage development process is cyclic as our final goal is meeting your website needs -

Hence, our first stage is Requirement Analysis which involves analysis of present systems, identifying and demarcation of system context, building Conceptual Data Model, a Conceptual Process Model. Via a prototype we build Basic System, Basic System Concepts and work as per a System Requirement Specifications Document.

This stage is followed by the High Level Design level where a detailed analysis of the problem domain is conducted allowing for quick establishment of robust architecture. A complete project plan development will help in minimizing risk elements.

The next is the Low Level Design level, where design components and a detailed System Design Document are developed.

This is followed by the Construction phase where all components are integrated and feature testing commences.

Quality and Analysis Testing are critical stages, where function levels are tested and a level-wise per function test cases are carried out.

Approval and Implementation are the final stages of the project process, moving the website to your user community.

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