Bicycle Ride

Borrow one of our bikes and head out on a 12km journey of discovery, cycle along the riverside and discover the many different crafts and ways of life, this short stretch of road contains. A riverside temple where people gather at midday to take part in the puja, brick and tile factories where these items are still handmade; a thatched shack sheltering men as they stitch elaborate embroidery for saris, a chai shop where the fishermen gather before heading out for the night, to enjoy a game of cards and an essential sweet cha. Watch an aged man’s deft fingers as he mends a fishing net or makes a new one to sell, learn the techniques of throwing these to capture a good catch of silvery fish and prawns. Visit the potters where idols for various festivals are made and brilliantly decorated for festivals which happen throughout the year. A cycle ride around the Rajbari is a fascinating and fun experience and a photographer’s delight!

We also offer the option to end with a riverside picnic or head back to the Rajbari for lunch.

Location Guide

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