A Rustic Rural Walk

A group of ladies gather to wash pots in one of the village ponds, a monitor lizard swims lazily by, children on aged bikes far too big for them, competently cycle past, smiling on their way to school. Men loiter at the village shop chatting and smoking a bidi; the priest, having performed the morning puja, ambles down to take up his seat for the rest of the day, at his shack, selling paan and other essential items to the passing villagers. An old, traditionally clad woman cooks up puffed rice over a kadhai filled with black sand and invites you to try some. Every day is similar, though seldom exactly the same. The gentle, slow pace of life in the village surrounding the Rajbari, where the villagers welcome you with warm hearts and brilliant smiles, will lure you with its charm.

Location Guide

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